I.T. - Internet Technology 

I.T.  -  Information Technology:

With businesses in the UK and worldwide placing increased focus on their core activities and strengths, it makes good business sense to work with a trusted I.T. company who can deliver the right skills at the right time and in the right way.

Available on short, medium and long-term engagements, Plattweb will provide the skills and expertise required to support your corporate objectives.

Offering an accredited skills base that spans a broad range of technologies and expertise gained from years of customer consultancy projects, Plattweb can be relied upon to deliver successful I.T. projects.

The range of Plattweb's Services available includes: -

I.T. Strategy and Planning:

Our consultants can work with your I.T. and business management on a one off, or regular basis, to help you in the development of an I.T. strategy that will add real value to your business.

User Productivity Improvement Planning:

This involves looking at the way you work, the tools and applications used, the skills and capabilities of your staff. It also considers the ease of use, accessibility, availability and quality of data available along with the support and assistance provided and cost of delivery. Having gained a clear understanding of your current environments and objectives, we are able to make recommendations on how technology and business skills training would improve the productivity and efficiency of your staff and implement the solutions.

Infrastructure Consultancy:

With I.T. playing an increasing importance in business, it is essential that your core infrastructure fits for its purpose. Our consultants can design and deliver best of breed end to end infrastructure technologies covering Servers, Operating Systems, Networks & Wireless, WAN’s & Internet Connectivity, Storage, Backup, Security, Thin Clients Computing, Mobility, Virtualisation, Messaging, Collaboration, Databases and more.

I.T. Service Management:

I.T. Service Management (ITSM) is a discipline for managing I.T. (information technology) systems in the best way. Plattweb have a wealth of real hands-on experience and help business benchmark themselves, design and improvement programs.

Business Applications & System Analysis:

The key to improving the business benefit that can be provided by I.T. often lies in the quality and accessibility of information and the main business applications. Plattweb are able to assist businesses with reviewing and improving the way end-users can work with these key systems and covers development of bespoke systems, application integration and management information solutions.

Security and Managing IT Assets:

Securing and controlling I.T. assets is an important part of the responsibilities of the I.T. function. Plattweb have the experience and expertise to ensure that this, often overlooked part of I.T. system management, is effectively managed. All the main areas are covered, these include I.T. security, data protection, business continuity, disaster recovery, software and hardware asset management and licence compliance.

Project Management

An integral part of much of our work we do is effective project management. Our project managers are also available to work on your I.T. projects, providing a flexible, experienced project management resource to supplement and manage teams delivering your I.T. projects.

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