Search Engine Optimisation 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):

What is the point of investing your money in creating a new website, if that website willl sit deep amongst the millions of other websites ranked in Google, hardly ever be found by anyone, not generating any new enquiries, not helping your business in any other way than the direct marketing you may be doing?

For most UK businesses, there is no point in that. You need to make a return on your investment as soon as possible, increase your business volume, enquiries, turnover, profit, etc.

Do you want to rank as high as you can in Google, Yahoo and all the big search engines, get genuine highly relevant first page rankings? Increase your web presence, relevant traffic to your website and turn traffic into business?

Natural Internet Search Engine Optimisation (seo) generates 80% of clicks and web search traffic. Pay per click only generates 20%.

Without a comprehensive online marketing plan, your website is just another site lost in the big world wide web. Good search engine rankings is the challenge for businesses today. You need more than a "nice website".  Your website must generate traffic and new business enquiries.


PLEASE: Don't be fooled by the cowboys in the SEO industry! They're out there, they market themselves hard (usually hard selling tactics), are full of promises and will even show you "convincing results" from "existing clients".

Have you been offered "GUARANTEED first page, top spot ranking in Google"?

Here is the catch: They will get you those rankings for non-competitive keywords that are so far away from your core business that you will never get anything from those first page rankings.

For instance, a London / North London catering company may be ranked number one for "great catering company specialising in weddings". Yes?  So?  What good is that?  Who is ever going to search this exact phrase?

If you type "wedding catering company in london", or "wedding caterers in london", or "Chelsea caterers" etc (these are just examples), of course, their web site will be nowhere to be seen in search results.

That's the trick. Anyone can Guarantee first page rankings in Google if the ranking is for a search phrase obscure enough.

So, unless you like wasting your money, please don't hand over your all important Search Engine Optimisation needs to web cowboys!

What we do:

Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your website or the search engines so your website is "seen" as a "relevant result" for a given search that is HIGHLY relevant to your business. There are many parameters involved.  Search engines constantly "move the goal posts" with the type of coding required. What was working for your website yesterday may not work tomorrrow.  Your seo team needs to be on top of this constantly.

It's not by doing "one thing" that you will get page one rankings. It is by acting on all fronts in a strategic and coordinated manner that your search engine rankings will improve. We have the solutions you need.

We will work to achieve relevant keywords used to gain first page ranking for your website with all major search engines.

We will work on all aspects of your website: coding, content, meta tags, search engines submissions, competitive keywords and niche keywords.  Our overall aim is to make your site easy for search engines to index and that each page of your website is specifically optimised for its content so the search engines fully understand what it is about and how relevant it may be to any given search.

We work with you to understand your Industry, your competitors, research the right set of search phrases to optimise your website for and implement a strategic process to get you up there.

Let us help you develop your online presence and generate business.

If you are looking to maximise your website's performance in search engines, we can provide the search engine optimisation packages to improve your organic rankings in search engines like Google, Yahoo and others.

Please contact us to see how we could help you.

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